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Created for Assisted Living in 2004, 
ECP is a world-class Assisted Living
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Why Should You Switch To ECP For Your Assisted Living eMAR and EHR Software?

It’s time to discover the unparalleled reliability, consistency, and support system we have created over the last 15 years. 

The Best Offer We Have Ever Made

Through 2020, ECP is offering a setup package for any community that transitions from another eMAR/EHR software. This package includes:

  • No Contracts!
  • Waived setup and training fees (savings of $1000)
  • 10 hours of online training for the community
  • Complete transition assistance from our experienced pharmacy & training staff
  • Help buying you out of agreement with another provider

ECP Features Used by Thousands of Communities
Every Day

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Build & Manage Census

Numerous studies show that consumers considering Assisted Living value quality of care above all else. ECP has many tools that automatically work toward a high level of quality related to care. Here are a few:

  • The benefits of an eMAR (Electronic Medication Administration Record) created specifically for Assisted, cannot be overstated. ECP's eMAR is the only one in the business built from the ground up to fit into assisted living environments and workflows. That means for your community it is more accurate, easier to use and easier to setup and manage.
  • Because the type of care needed, the way care is provided and who is providing care in assisted living communities, it is vital your charting software is able to keep everyone focused and in the loop. Fortunately, ECP has the most loved Assisted Living EHR (Electronic Health Record) software that ensures attention to detail, higher quality of care, compliance and accountability.
  • The Life Plan feature in ECP helps your caregivers provide a level of personalization and compassion, unrivaled in the industry. Every caregiver and staff member has access to the life-story of each resident. From their favorite hobbies and sports teams to what they did for a living and other connection-inducing information.
  • ECP Leads is a CRM devoted to helping assisted living communities attract and identify the best prospects for their community. With tools that help marketers build relationships and overcome the barriers to move-in, conversions will not only be more frequent, they will be more beneficial to the whole community. Best of all you can leverage assessments and related reports from ECP to make sure they are move-in ready. Then... just click a button and there they are in ECP waiting to be cared for.

All of the tools in ECP can be used as proven value when you're marketing and advertising your community. We work hard every day to make sure when assisted living communities use ECP that we provide great value to your staff, your residents and your bottom line. We even have marketing materials for you to use.

  • Alerts
    • Pop up, text & email options
    • Notify management of falls & incidents
    • Accountability
  • Audits
    • Track trends
    • Identify areas of concern 
  • Level of Care
    • Determine LOC by assessment, time or points
    • Care Plan Deviation – Monitor what is projected vs. actually occurring & capture additional costs
  • Streamlines communication & improves continuity and quality of care
    • Detailed observation, care, and medication histories
    • Internal notes and communication between shifts
    • Third-party provider access
  • App
    • Offline charting
    • Mobile friendly

Stay in Sync
If we’re not already connected to your pharmacy, our dedicated integration staff will make switching to ECP a snap!

Intelligent Automation
Our vast eMAR experience has developed into an unparalleled system that automatically creates follow ups, compliance questions, reminders and alerts.

Risk Mitigation
Our tireless approach to continuous improvement means that ECP's eMAR is not only extremely accurate and reliable in reducing med errors, it is also quick and easy for communities to use.


Allows Directors to have easier access to data and to complete and file State reports. 

  • There are many reports that have to be completed and submitted to the State. State reports can be added to ECP, making it easier and faster to gather data, complete the report and submit it. – Managed Risk Agreement, Reportable Event Record/Report, Application for Waiver. 

Census/Discharge Management/Marketing

  • While each community has their own marketing plan, ECP can assist with gathering all the data needed for tracking and trending. What are the reasons for low census? Did the resident move to higher skilled care, pass away, move to a competitor?  What trends are they seeing with admissions? Private pay, State funding, Long Term Care Insurance, etc.

State assessments and forms are easier, faster and automated within ECP

Incident Report and Investigation 

  • Reviewed by M3 Insurance
  • Mitigate risk
  • Customizable follow-ups
  • Determine root cause & prevent future occurrences


  • Unlimited customizable reports
  • Report Generator – Gather any combination of data from ECP and export to excel or PDF
  • Data-driven reports
    • Analytics & trend monitoring
  • Alerts to oversee management teams and ensure they are completing work, such as clinical oversight, Life Enrichment, supervisors. 
  •  Manage Roles– User Groups can help eliminate role deviation by allowing certain teams to be allowed to view specific parts of ECP. 
  • Tracking staff compliance/Electronic Files   

Managing Roles – Creating User Groups can help eliminate role deviation by allowing certain teams to be allowed to view specific parts of ECP.

Electronic Storage/Less Paper

  • Directors can store copies of facility licenses, expense reports, fire drill inspections, all required files per regulation for easy access anywhere.

Tracking staff compliance & electronic files 

  • For example, in WI, staff are required to complete specific courses within 90 days of employment (which can cost facilities hundreds of dollars a year depending on how many staff they require and how much turnover they have) and then 15 hours of CEU’s annually beginning their first full year, regarding specific topics. ECP helps track this information within their user login and allows the community to print a report with the CEU totals.  BID’s, Criminal and Caregiver Backgrounds, I9, TB tests, Orientation check off lists and so on can be uploaded. ECP allows the flexibility for communities to create their own notations in employee user logins under Additional Info (Hiring, Training, Compliance, Review, Personal, Notes) which ultimately can assist with HR.

Saving time 

  • Efficient charting
  • Streamlined communication
  • Less time documenting = more time spent devoted to residents
  • Assessment > Care Plan > Daily Tasks (3 steps taken care of at once)
  • Easily accessible - everything is one place so you don't to search through binders, boxes, etc.
  • Saves money
    • Eliminate paper and material costs
    • Unlimited cloud storage/file management
    • Increased staff efficiency


  • Remote accessibility – stay up-to-date on what is happening in your community from anywhere
  • Easy set up/no installation
  • HIPAA compliant servers/storage

Streamlines communication & improves continuity and quality of care 

  • Detailed observation, care, and medication histories
  • Internal notes and communication between shifts
  • Third-party provider access

Training & support 

  • Personalized one-on-one or small group training
  • 24/7 support
  • ECP university
  • Guides
  • Videos
  • Webinars
Mobile App - Chart online and offline

No Wi-Fi, No Problem
Confidently documents, meds, cares, and more – no matter your location or access to Wi-Fi. Captured information syncs automatically when Wi-Fi becomes available.

Anywhere, On Any Device
Our app works on Windows desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones, as well as Android and iOS tablets and phones.

Intuitive Efficiency
Our new interface is modern and intuitive. It will take caregivers less time to learn how to chart so they can spend more time providing better quality care.

Billing *NEW*

Never Miss a la Care Billing Items Again

Gone are the days of losing money on poor record keeping of services rendered to residents. ECP’s billing module automates the process by assigning expenses and creating invoices at the time of service. All billable items can easily be tracked and connected to individual residents.

Specifically Built for AL and IL Homes

Unlike most software options, ECP’s billing module was developed specifically for AL and IL communities. From start to finish, ECP streamlines and simplifies software application integration into existing operations.

Take Control Over AR Billing and Reports

Leveraging ECP’s eMAR/EHR software, ECP Billing easily creates and distributes invoices via email or traditional mail. Includes reports for Income, Customer Balances, and Statements.

Marketing *NEW*

Easy to use, lead tracking /CRM solution

Most Qualified Leads

Identify prospects with longest stay potential and most desirable level of care. Break barriers to move in, using key life indicators.

Real Time Status Reports

  • Open leads
  • Key performance indicators
  • Length of stay
  • Referral sources and campaigns
  • Conversion ratios

Get valuable needs, preferences, and life story details that will seamlessly transition into the initial Individual Service Plan.

Two is Better Than One
Document couples as individual prospects in one place while tracking and recording separate admission criteria and preferences.

Why do our customers love us?


Industry Leading Uptime

If you can browse the internet or shop online, you can use ECP. It is easy to teach staff how to use, it is user friendly to customize, pharmacy integration saves valuable nursing time, customer service is excellent. We have been very happy with ECP overall.

S. Wilson 
S. Wilson

Highly recommend for any assisted living facility. Allows administrators to monitor what is happening in their facilities at any level, from documentation, ISP’s to medication administration and narcotic counts.

S. Williams 
S. Williams

The program is cost-effective, especially compared to competition. It is used at a variety of LTC locations through our pharmacies- 5 bed group homes to 100+ bed assisted living facilities. The ECP staff are incredibly helpful and friendly. There has been minimal downtime and countless improvements made since I’ve been involved with the program.

D. Mueller 
D. Mueller

Continuous Improvement. Constant Innovation.

Mobile App

Put the power of ECP in the palm of your hand. Chart anywhere, anytime on any device.

Billing Module

Complete assisted living accounts receivable software that works with your existing accounting software

ECP Leads

When you can identify the right leads, it makes all the difference in the world. Introducing ECP, a CRM for Assisted Living


Communication between your community, your residents and their family has never been more important. Coming Soon.

Easy Set Up

ECP is cloud-based, so there’s no infrastructure to manage nor major hardware required.

No Contracts

Switching to ECP couldn’t be easier. There are no long term contracts and we even have options to buy-out your existing eMAR/EHR contract.

Assisted Living/Pharmacy workflow

ECP is interfaced with all leading pharmacy management systems and can get connected in as little as 1-2 days.

Best in class 24/7 support

ECP’s support staff is the best. Not only are they well-versed in our software, most of them have extensive field experience.

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