Complete assisted living accounts receivable software that works with your existing accounting software

Complete Assisted Living
Accounts Receivable Software

that works with your existing accounting software

Never Miss A La Carte Billing Items

Gone are the days of losing money on poor record-keeping of services rendered to residents. ECP’s Billing module automates the process by assigning expenses and creating invoices at the time of service. All billable items can easily be tracked and connected to individual residents.

Level of Service Change Alerts

ECP’s Billing module can automatically notify your Accounts Receivable department as care levels change for any resident. With just a click or two, you can ensure accuracy and timeliness in record keeping.

Automate Recurring Charges

Set it and forget it. Recurring charges are automatically added to invoices reducing human error and ensuring that such services are never missed. Once you start using ECP’s Billing module, you won’t want to live without it.

Specifically Built for AL and IL Homes

Unlike most software options, ECP’s Billing module was developed specifically for AL and IL communities. From start to finish, ECP streamlines and simplifies software application integration into existing operations.

Take Control Over AR Billing and Reports

Leveraging ECP’s eMAR/EHR software, ECP Billing easily creates and distributes invoices via email or traditional mail. Includes reports for Income, Customer Balances, and Statements.