Do I need a specific computer or hardware device?

No. ECP is platform independent. Use with your favorite desktop, laptop or tablet (PC or Mac).

Do I need to download or install anything?

For our web application, no. You can download our mobile app for free in all of the app stores.

Do I need to have high speed internet?

Our web based product does require quality Internet but our mobile app can be used offline.

How do I log in?

Simply open your web browser. Login at this address:

Do I need to use a specific web browser?

No. Use your preferred browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.)

Does ECP interface with my pharmacy?

Yes. ECP interfaces with hundreds of pharmacies nationwide and more than 20 pharmacy software platforms. ECP partners with LTC providers as well as retail “mom-n-pop” pharmacy locations.

Can I work with multiple pharmacies in ECP?

Yes. ECP ensures the flexibility communities require to connect and work with multiple pharmacies.

Is ECP just an eMAR?

No. ECP offers an array of resident management tools. Assessments, Care Plans, ADL Tracking, Petty Cash, Custom Reports, Billing and much more. Contact us for a demo to ask questions and learn more!