The Best Assisted Living Software Keeps Getting Better

ECP has always been focused on improving the user experience in our eMAR and EHR modules. Our software development team has improved technical efficiencies, security and simplified how we add new communities and connect to pharmacies. We are proud of our industry-leading 99.99% uptime/availability and continuously improve the security and stability of our client’s information. We have also added several assessments, state specific forms, and enhanced quality assurance committee processes. In fact, our incident and investigation feature, now allows you to keep confidential root cause analysis as part of your internal QA committee workflow and separate from the medical records that could be used by outside agencies and legal teams.

We have been expanding our development team and focusing more resources on developing features for new needs and customer suggestions. While we continue to improve our core products, we now have teams dedicated to creating several new modules and services. Here is a quick summary of our progress on some of the new and exciting products and services.

ECP Leads

Simply the most efficient and effective CRM designed for assisted living. Because we worked directly with several of our customers to develop and test ECP Leads, we have created a CRM that tracks what you need, allows you to gather key information and communicate with prospects and referral sources to ensure a quick and comprehensive sales process. Then as the move-in date approaches, all of the information gathered during the sales process is sent into ECP. That means a resident is ready to start receiving services, care, and medications on day 1. Your sales team, clinical and wellness teams share information seamlessly during the process. Because of intuitive nature of ECP Leads, administrators wearing many hats can quickly use it to enhance resident and family details during the often stressful sales and move-in process. Best of all, we are offering ECP Leads to all of our current customers at no additional charge. Give us a call and we’ll have your team up and running in no time.

ECP Mobile App

ECP is proud of our ability to keep your information available 24/7. There are more advantages to being a cloud-based service, than disadvantages. As amazing as technology is, it comes with its struggles like inconsistent connectivity. ECP has an app for that. Our exclusive technology allows users to be offline and then automatically, securely, and seamlessly sync when re-connected. When using the ECP Mobile App, not only can you chart offline when your Wi-Fi or Internet lets you down, it also works on all types of devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. The intuitive charting interface allows for fast and easy charting, no matter what type of device you’re on. The mobile app is is available to our clients at no additional cost.


As the assisted living industry continues to evolve, our customers have increasingly asked for a mobile app to track home care services. We have created CareGenie as a family-directed care option. CareGenie is a simplified way for families to track care and medication services being provided to their loved one. They can quickly add family members, paid caregivers, and friends to their care circle to allow them to access key information and even document services. CareGenie eliminates many HIPAA concerns for your organization as the family controls the information and access. They can also provide access to your team when it is time to move into your community. CareGenie is a complimentary app on the Apple and Android App stores.


Family communication has always been a challenge for providers. Balancing the right amount of health information for families and outside agencies can be time consuming. Keeping the information secure and HIPAA compliant can be even more difficult. ECP is finalizing a new communication app called CommunityPal, to meet that need. This mobile app will allow residents and families to access key information (as allowed by the community) like medication lists, appointments, request special services, ask questions, review documents, and even review menus and activity schedules. Your community invites residents or family members to join CommunityPal. Once invited, residents and/or families can choose who they give access to so your community doesn’t have to be concerned with legal restrictions and HIPAA compliance. As residents or family members invite others, they choose what information each invitee has access to. CommunityPal is in development. Contact your ECP representative to get additional information.

ECP Billing

One of the most important benefits of assisted living care services is the variety and scope of services that can be provided to residents. Each community, organization and state has different philosophies and regulations on how that can be done. At ECP, we understand assisted living organizations have a unique need for complete flexibility in offering services. To help you optimize revenue and manage billing for these services, we have created an integrated accounts receivable system. As residents move in or out, receive special services, or are reassessed, the accounting team will be notified to ensure accurate billing each month. ECP Billing even works with your accounting software. ECP Billing is provided at no additional cost.

As you can see, we’ve been busy. We are excited to bring you these great new products and features. We are always listening and our focus remains solely on helping you care for your residents, staff and your bottom line.

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Thank you for being an ECP customer.